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Freebies and discounts mark National Ice Cream Day

Sunday, July 15 is National Ice Cream Day and really, do you need an excuse to grab an ice cream on a sunny day like today? Below we have listed as many deals and discounts that we could find to help you find your way. But make sure you call or...

Amazon Prime members offered savings at Whole Foods

I’m not here to argue the societal and economic virtues or damages that can be caused by Amazon’s ever-expanding creep into everything we do and buy and think and …. But, people love the Whole Foods. So, here goes. Amazon and Whole Foods Market...

Harry’s Coffee Shop named to Best Diner list

The last time you visited a diner, you probably didn’t make much of an effort — jeans, t-shirt and ballcap — you just showed up, didn’t need a reservation. And when you left, you probably felt just a little more American than when you arrived...