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Are Californians Psychopaths?

Well, if there was ever a “Best Of” list that you wouldn’t necessarily mind finished second or third — or last for that matter — it might be this one. Ryan Murphy, a research assistant professor at Southern Methodist University’s...

Altitude named one of America’s best rooftop bars

Whether it’s the feeling of towering above the rest of the people in the world while you consume copious amounts of liquor or it’s the view — rooftop bars just feel a little cooler. That’s why Thrillist came up with a list of the 23 best rooftop...

Harry’s Coffee Shop named to Best Diner list

The last time you visited a diner, you probably didn’t make much of an effort — jeans, t-shirt and ballcap — you just showed up, didn’t need a reservation. And when you left, you probably felt just a little more American than when you arrived...

Best Albums Of 2017 x Chris Coté

Do people still listen to albums? I say, YES they do! Making an album or EP that holds up from beginning to end is tough, but when an artist can complete that cycle, it’s magical. There’s something to be said for a record you can put on...