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June is California Avocado Month and we can prove it

There’s no denying that San Diego has always — always — been a hotbed for avocado worship. Yes, Millennials — San Diegans have been crushing avos well before you were old enough to blow half of your expendable income on avocado toast … But I digress...

Get Maced By Beer?

Ever get maced? Well, you’re about to. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery just announced a blazin’ collaboration beer called IN YOUR MACE!, brewed for the Beer Advocate Extreme Beer Fest in Boston.  A dark roasty beer with a tan head, IN YOUR MACE! is...

For the Love of Chocolate Stouts

Dark, viscous and bursting with cocoa, Rogue’s chocolate stouts are showing the love this February. With a dope redesign of Chocolate Stout and limited release of Double Chocolate Stout, Rogue’s chocolate beers are ready to be made love to. As seen...

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