march and ash

Let there be (more) light?

California Governor Jerry Brown today signed a measure that would repeal the World War I era Daylight Saving Time Act if voters vote yes on Assembly Bill 807. That means if it passes, no more springing forward and no more falling back — insert...

Are Californians Psychopaths?

Well, if there was ever a “Best Of” list that you wouldn’t necessarily mind finished second or third — or last for that matter — it might be this one. Ryan Murphy, a research assistant professor at Southern Methodist University’s...

San Diego County Fair Opens Today

They say that whatever you eat during the monthlong run of the San Diego County Fair won’t count against your diet. They lie. They lie so much, but it’s worth it. More than a million people will start filing through the gates of the fair...

march and ash

County fair promises to be pretty ‘Sweet’

The San Diego County Fair — or the Del Mar Fair, for those of us that can’t seem to let it go — is set to open at 4 p.m. Friday, June 1 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. This year’s theme is “How Sweet It Is” and promises the estimated 1.6 million...