March and Ash


ShowThe Cantore Show

The Cantore Show, a popular San Diego morning show, in podcast form.

Chris & Meryl share their thoughts (and conspiracy theories) on current events, relationships, mental health, Mexican food, animals, and anything else on their minds.

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mama troy

Cantore + Mama Troy

After Bradley Nowell’s death in 1996, he never saw the success of Sublime’s final album, which has since been listed as one of the most well-regarded albums of the 1990s by Spin and Rolling Stone.  Dying two months before its release, Nowell...

March and Ash

Cantore + Todd Glaser

The FIRST Cantore + YEW! podcast of 2019, Cantore talks story with Todd Glaser, a San Diego-born surf photographer / waterman.   A SURFER Staff Photographer since 2008, the prolific artist has traveled the world shooting pro surfers on legendary...