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Morning radio veteran Chris Cantore hosts The Cantore Show from his surf hut in San Diego.

An interview-based show, Cantore and guests share their thoughts on current events, relationships, mental health, Mexican food, surfing, and anything else on their minds.

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The Cantore Show

The Cantore Show: Adam Carolla

Chris Cantore is joined by his 100.7 San Diego co-host, Meryl Klemow from Campfire Sht Show.  In other words, Talking Story morphs into the Chris & Meryl Show with first guest: Adam Carolla. Promoting his new documentary...

The Cantore Show

Food Network’s Troy Johnson

On this food-centric episode of The Cantore Show, Cantore talks to San Diego food writer and Food Network personality Troy Johnson about Baja cuisine.  From coastal dining to wine country, joining the conversation is Baja...

The Cantore Show

Talking Story with Taylor Knox

San Diego native and key member of the Momentum Generation in the 1990s, TAYLOR KNOX joins Cantore to talk story about his pro surfing career, meditation for positive mental health, Harland Brewing Company and San Diego Padres...

The Cantore Show

Talking Story with Aubrey Huff

Former Major League Baseball (MLB) star turned podcaster Aubrey Huff is Talking Story with Chris Cantore about the highs and lows of life in / out of the majors.  Huff played 13 seasons professionally for the Tampa Bay Devil...