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In Hawaii, when an invitation is extended, the host or hostess says, ‘Come over and let’s talk story.’ Talking Story with Chris Cantore extends the same invitation to special guests but not in Hawaii, in San Diego.


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john waters

Talking Story with John Waters

In this power episode of Talking Story, legendary director John Waters ("Hairspray," "Cry Baby," "Cecil B. Demented") joins Cantore (sans Meryl) for a rapid-fire...
Chris & Meryl Show

Talking Story with Chris, Meryl & Adam Carolla

Chris Cantore is joined by his 100.7 San Diego co-host, Meryl Klemow from Campfire Sht Show.  In other words, Talking Story morphs into the...
talking story podcast

Talking Story with Food Network’s Troy Johnson and Chef Rachel King

On this food-centric episode of Talking Story, Cantore talks to San Diego food writer and Food Network personality Troy Johnson about Baja cuisine.  From...
talking story podcast

Talking Story with Cameron Crowe

Cameron Crowe talks story about his beloved movie "Almost Famous" -- a new stage musical at The Old Globe in San Diego -- while sharing anecdotes...

Talking Story with Grind For Life and Mike McGill

Mike McGill is one of the great legends of skateboarding today. Best known for inventing the trick entitled the "McTwist", an inverted 540 degree...
talking story podcast

Talking Story with Andy Macdonald

Andy Macdonald is a professional skateboarder who holds the record for the most X Games medals in vert skateboarding and won the World Cup...
talking story podcast

Talking Story with Hans Molenkamp

If you hit his Instagram, Oceanside's Hans Molenkamp can be seen traveling the world while hanging and training with some of the biggest names...
talking story podcast

Talking Story with Taylor Knox

San Diego native and key member of the Momentum Generation in the 1990s, TAYLOR KNOX joins Cantore to talk story about his pro surfing...
talking story podcast

Talking Story with Aubrey Huff

Former Major League Baseball (MLB) star turned podcaster Aubrey Huff is Talking Story with Chris Cantore about the highs and lows of life in...
talking story podcast

Talking Story with Bird Huffman of Bird’s Surf Shed

If you're a San Diego surfer, you know the name "Bird" Huffman. The owner of Bird's Surf Shed, Huffman also delivers surf reports for...
Baja Bound

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YEW! Tube

How To Make White Christmas Margaritas

Happy Taco Tuesday. With the holidays right around the corner, who wants eggnog with their tacos?  Pass.  White Christmas Margaritas from Delish are way...