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Jacob Nikos, 10+ year San Diego craft beer veteran, and Jake Collins, nano brewery survivor, co-host this craft beer podcast where they talk to industry guests about their unique stories and insights that’ll make you say “Let Me Drink About It.”

let me drink about it

Let Me Drink About It: Thunderhawk

On this episode of Let Me Drink About It, Nikos and Collins are punch drunk from the Greg Koch interview at Stone decide to...

Shawn + Dylan of Alpine Beer

Jake sits down with Shawn McIllhenney and Dylan Brown of Alpine Beer to talk about the history of Alpine as well as what's in...

LMDAI: Ian Cheesman

In this episode the boys sit down with THE Ian Cheesman: freelance writers as well as a regular contributor to Westcoaster magazine here in...

Let Me Drink About It Ep 4: Beer, Wu-Tang, + Disneyland

Jake and Leah welcome Jay Jones from Thorn Street Brewery to the show. We talk about Disneyland, monsters on rascal scooters, and what was up...
Intergalactic Brewing

Let Me Drink About It: Intergalactic Brewing

Collins (NEW CO-HOST) and Nikos hang out with Alex Van Horne of Intergalactic Brewing to talk beer, history, and Han Solo. Put it in...
Baja Bound

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YEW! Tube

How Eddie Aikau Became One of Surfing’s Most Legendary Figures

Legendary surfer Eddie Aikau saved the lives of hundreds in Waimea Bay (and much more) as detailed in Drunk History. About Drunk History: Based on...