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Jacob Nikos, 10+ year San Diego craft beer veteran, and Jake Collins, nano brewery survivor, co-host this craft beer podcast where they talk to industry guests about their unique stories and insights that’ll make you say “Let Me Drink About It.”

Let Me Drink About It: Carli Smith / Rock Bottom Brewing

Jake sits down with Carli Smith from Rock Bottom Brewing in La Jolla to talk about of course here history, brewery dogs, and the...

LMDAI – Eppig Brewing

In this Episode Jake and Jacob sit down with hot new(ish) brewery on the street, the medal winning Eppig Brewing. This brewery originally from...

Let Me Drink About It: Carli Smith II

After leaving San Diego to brew at Bold Missy Brewing in Charolette, NC, Carli joins Let Me Drink About It to talk about her...

LMDAI: Skip Virgilio

In this one, the boys talk to local beer legend Skip Virgilio as we talk about his time from homebrewing, to opening of Alesmith,...

Let Me Drink About It: Happy Fun Time Radio Hour

Jake sits down with Josh Hembree from Setting Sun Sake and Tom Keliinoi for What's On Draft? to talk about the current state of craft...
beth demmon

Let Me Drink About It: Beth Demmon

We sit down with Beth Demmon to talk about her her writing, her thoughts on hip hop, and unpack the entire Melvin-moving-to-San-Diego debacle. This...

Let Me Drink About It: Manhattan Bar

Jake hangs out with Matt Cieslak and Jenna Carbonell of the Manhattan Bar in Chula Vista. We find out about this old bar that used...

LMDAI: Team Cretins

This week we sit down with the folks at Team Cretins. They do the AIDS LifeCycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles on only...
Abnormal Brewing

LMDAI: Abnormal Brewing

Jake talks to Nyle Molina, the head brewer over at Abnormal Brewing. We talk about his time moving from Florida and jumping into some...

LMDAI: Hike For Beer

On this episode, the boys talk to Leah Milton and Kira Bouchard to talk about their business, Hike for Beer, which takes folks on...
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