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Jacob Nikos, 10+ year San Diego craft beer veteran, and Jake Collins, nano brewery survivor, co-host this craft beer podcast where they talk to industry guests about their unique stories and insights that’ll make you say “Let Me Drink About It.”

let me drink about it

LMDAI: Scot Blair – Part 1

In this episode of Let Me Drink About It (LMDAI,) we sit down with Scot Blair and talk about his life, start in the...

Let Me Drink About It: Karen Barnett

In this episode, Jake talks to Karen Barnett owner of Small Bar about her history in bars and restaurants in San Diego, as well...

Let Me Drink About It: Carli Smith II

After leaving San Diego to brew at Bold Missy Brewing in Charolette, NC, Carli joins Let Me Drink About It to talk about her...

Let Me Drink About It: Bobby Oliver

Jake sits down with Bobby Oliver, a brewer in between jobs currently that has made huge beer strides in the last 5 years in...

Let Me Drink About It: North Park Brewing Company

This week, Jake Nunes and Cynthia Jimenez from North Park Beer Company talk about the goings on at NPBC, Cynthia's growth in San Diego's...

LMDAI: Hike For Beer

On this episode, the boys talk to Leah Milton and Kira Bouchard to talk about their business, Hike for Beer, which takes folks on...

Let Me Drink About It: 2Kids Brewing

This episode Collins and Nikos hang out with Samantha and Robert Dufau, owners and brewers at 2Kids Brewing. We talk to them about what...

Let Me Drink About It: Greg Koch Co-Founder of Stone Brewing Company

In this episode of Let Me Drink About It, the boys finally sit down with Greg Koch, co-Founder of Stone Brewing Company. Hitting a variety...

LMDAI – Tanya Schroeder

In this episode of LMDAI, the Jakes talk to Tanya Schroeder. While she works in the beer industry, this episode is more of a...
Let Me Drink About It

Trash Panda II – Ricky Schmidt

Hey guys! This is a Trash Panda episode of Let Me Drink About It which means a bitesized session with someone that works in...
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