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Jacob Nikos, 10+ year San Diego craft beer veteran, and Jake Collins, nano brewery survivor, co-host this craft beer podcast where they talk to industry guests about their unique stories and insights that’ll make you say “Let Me Drink About It.”

Let Me Drink About It: California Wild Ales

Jake talks to Cameron Pryor from California Wild Ales to talk about his work in sours and wild ales right down to the barrels...
let me drink about it

Let Me Drink About It: Thunderhawk

On this episode of Let Me Drink About It, Nikos and Collins are punch drunk from the Greg Koch interview at Stone decide to...

Let Me Drink About It

Jacob Nikos, 10 year San Diego craft beer veteran, hosts this beer podcast for people that don't listen to beer podcasts. This week, Nikos talks...
let me drink about it

Let Me Drink About It: Trash Panda IV – Adam Carbonell

It's going to be a Trash Panda episode as Nikos is by himself on this one. We talk about Adam Carbonell, a fixture in...
let me drink about it

Let Me Drink About It: Rouleur Brewery with Rawley Macias

Jake and Leah (co-hosting from Let Me Drink About It videos!!) sit down to talk to Rawley Macias of Rouleur Brewery winners of a...

Let Me Drink About It: Tyler Tucker

Jake talks to Tyler Tucker from Bitter Brothers about coming up in the industry and his thoughts on how to become a brewer in...

 LMDAI – Morgan Tenwick (Modern Times)

Jake and Jacob sit down with Morgan Tenwick, the quality control manager at Modern Times to talk about her time in big pharma up...
Abnormal Brewing

LMDAI: Abnormal Brewing

Jake talks to Nyle Molina, the head brewer over at Abnormal Brewing. We talk about his time moving from Florida and jumping into some...

LMDAI: Team Cretins

This week we sit down with the folks at Team Cretins. They do the AIDS LifeCycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles on only...

Let Me Drink About It Ep 3: Dumpster Humans

Jake welcomes Karen Barnett, owner of Small Bar, and Shannon Lynette, tasting room manager for Burning Beard Brewing. We delve into some of the charity work...
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