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Campfire Sht Show

camp fire shit show

Campfire Sht Show is a fiery mix of anything goes honest talk when friends — Beau and Meryl — sit around a campfire and the absolute insanity that is LIFE.

camp fire shit show

Failure To Fly at the Apex of Calamity

Meryl has life-changing news at the homestead and Beau finds hope for humanity in a video game! It's a macabre calamity of fiery proportions!  

Jeremy Christian Makes The Best Hot Buttered Popcorn

Jeremy "Gumbo" Christian is here, and he is for sure in this bitch! Jeremy is a writer & creative consultant for MTV's Wild 'N...
camp fire shit show

Sir Paul McCartney Doesn’t Care If Auntie Needs A Coffee

This week on Campfire Sht Show, Beau paints the town with Pawn Stars and spoonfeeds a stranger. Meryl sleeps through the concert of the...
Meagan Grainger

Meagan Grainger Knows Where The Fairy Portals Are

Comedian & Host of the 'Superficial Magic' Podcast Meagan Grainger tucks into our super sparkly sleeping bag this week! We talk with her about bombing...
camp fire shit show

Chris Cantore Has Already Been To Your Picnic

The stars align and burn bright this week and we get lost deep in the forest with Chris Cantore! We talk about memorable interviews...
camp fire shit show

Mail Order Beavers Have the Best Fashion 

Minivans, hot girls with monocles, false accusation, and a crazy twist in the fabric of Playboy magazines. All cracklin' and snappin' on this week's...
camp fire shit show

A Knock-Down, Drag-Out Title Fight 

Forget Pay-Per-View - this is the Sht Show TITLE FIGHT of the year! We strip our sass pants off and get down and dirty...
camp fire shit show

Brian Howie Pulls Our Head Out of Our Apps

Brian Howie is an award-winning director, producer, author of How to Find Love in 60 Seconds and host of the World's #1 Dating & Relationship...
camp fire shit show

Being Unfaithful Alone on the Radio

This week on Campfire Sht Show, we ponder the healthy frequency of getting it on, Beau makes friends with his sex doctor, we recap...
camp fire shit show

Comedian Audrey Stewart

The VERY FUNNY, talented and Audreyish comic Audrey Stewart rips open the Campfire Shit Show sleeping bag this week! We talk about the male...
Baja Bound

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DDG x Pro Skater Neen Williams x Sony Collaboration Series

Sony kicked-off The Sony Collaboration Series project with rapper and YouTube phenomenon DDG, pro-skater Neen Williams, and Sony MESH IoT blocks, a platform of...

Gary Busey On Surfing