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Campfire Sht Show

camp fire shit show

Campfire Sht Show is a fiery mix of anything goes honest talk when friends — Beau and Meryl — sit around a campfire and the absolute insanity that is LIFE.

camp fire shit show

Throwing a Styrofoam Container in a Napa Dumpster

This week! We talk stealing friends, Boys II Men, finding time for sex and personality traits that get us in trouble. Beau also opens...
camp fire shit show

Monarey Martinez Talks Mediocrity and Mouth Chewing

Beau recently saw comedian Monarey Martinez live and he knew we had to do anything we could to get her in the sleeping bag,...
camp fire shit show

Planes, Trains & So Much Automo-Bile

Low key, we love our episode this week and are so grateful for YOU CAMPERS! We talk times we have tossed our cookies, Ted...

Jenny Milkowski Is Reporting Live From The Mini Taco Stand

We have a professional broadcaster from inside the sleeping bag this week! Jenny Milkowski, TV anchor, host, reporter, and EMMY award-winning badass joins us...
camp fire shit show

Me and My Breast Friend Know How to Pack a Theater

Yo and yay Campers! It's a memory and mammary filled episode! Live shows, Hollywood parties, and misconstrued text exchanges. It's all here and brimming...

Ian Abramson Is The Nicest Time Traveler You’ll Ever Meet In Purgatory

Ian Abramson is a comedian, actor, and writer, and he also is so nice and actually asks us questions back and forth in a...
camp fire shit show

Camper of the Week – Volume 2!

It's Volume 2 of the Camper of the Week All You Can Eat Episode! It's like a buffet of crazy-ass questions and even weirder...
camp fire shit show

Going Han Solo to the LinkedIn Prom

May the force be with you this week! Beau and Meryl conquer Disney together, we learn about Beau's secret schooling, and talk about being...

Jared Laurence Will Flirt the Squirt Right Out of You!

Slip on into our tent this week for one of the most strange and sexual stories we've ever heard as we welcome Jared Laurence,...
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DDG x Pro Skater Neen Williams x Sony Collaboration Series

Sony kicked-off The Sony Collaboration Series project with rapper and YouTube phenomenon DDG, pro-skater Neen Williams, and Sony MESH IoT blocks, a platform of...

Gary Busey On Surfing