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camp fire shit show

Campfire Sht Show is a fiery mix of anything goes honest talk when friends — Beau and Meryl — sit around a campfire and the absolute insanity that is LIFE.

Ian Abramson Is The Nicest Time Traveler You’ll Ever Meet In Purgatory

Ian Abramson is a comedian, actor, and writer, and he also is so nice and actually asks us questions back and forth in a...
camp fire shit show

Camper of the Week – Volume 2!

It's Volume 2 of the Camper of the Week All You Can Eat Episode! It's like a buffet of crazy-ass questions and even weirder...
camp fire shit show

Going Han Solo to the LinkedIn Prom

May the force be with you this week! Beau and Meryl conquer Disney together, we learn about Beau's secret schooling, and talk about being...

Jared Laurence Will Flirt the Squirt Right Out of You!

Slip on into our tent this week for one of the most strange and sexual stories we've ever heard as we welcome Jared Laurence,...
camp fire shit show

Failure To Fly at the Apex of Calamity

Meryl has life-changing news at the homestead and Beau finds hope for humanity in a video game! It's a macabre calamity of fiery proportions!  

Jeremy Christian Makes The Best Hot Buttered Popcorn

Jeremy "Gumbo" Christian is here, and he is for sure in this bitch! Jeremy is a writer & creative consultant for MTV's Wild 'N...
camp fire shit show

Sir Paul McCartney Doesn’t Care If Auntie Needs A Coffee

This week on Campfire Sht Show, Beau paints the town with Pawn Stars and spoonfeeds a stranger. Meryl sleeps through the concert of the...
Meagan Grainger

Meagan Grainger Knows Where The Fairy Portals Are

Comedian & Host of the 'Superficial Magic' Podcast Meagan Grainger tucks into our super sparkly sleeping bag this week! We talk with her about bombing...
camp fire shit show

Chris Cantore Has Already Been To Your Picnic

The stars align and burn bright this week and we get lost deep in the forest with Chris Cantore! We talk about memorable interviews...
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How The World’s Tallest Water Slide Failed

At nearly 169 feet tall, Verrückt was taller than Niagara Falls. Riders flew down the world's tallest water slide at 70 miles per hour,...