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Local Dispensary Hosts $2500 March Madness Bracket Challenge

Want to get involved in one of the best fan traditions in all of sports, and win $2500 in the process? With less than...

Spike Jonze Directs Cannabis Commercial

MedMen, a publicly traded, LA-based cannabis company, made history this week with the debut of the first-ever big-budget cannabis commercial, The New Normal. Rejected by...

Burn And Learn: System of a Down’s Shavo Odadjian of 22Red

Burn and Learn -- a new podcast by March and Ash -- talks to Grammy winning rock legend Shavo Odadjian, founding member of System of...

Shavo Odadjian Brings His Own Cannabis Brand To San Diego

System of a Down's Shavo Odadjian will be at March and Ash in Mission Valley on Saturday, February 2nd from 12pm - 4:20pm for the...

Own The Dude’s Sunglasses, Man

This Sunday, Jeff Bridges returns as ‘The Dude' in Stella Artois' Super Bowl commercial with Sarah Jessica Parker.  In the commercial, seen below, Bridges...

Lagunitas Marijuana-Infused ‘Beers’ Now Available

Lagunitas Brewing Company, a division of Heineken, is now selling Hi-Fi Hops, an IPA-inspired sparkling water infused with THC and/or CBD.  A collaboration with AbsoluteXtracts, a...



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