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march and ash

Bodega Boarder Crew Podcast: Hudson Ritchie

Vol. 28 – Hudson Ritchie What up everybody, psyched on starting this March off with our main man Hudson Ritchie (@hudaddy). We politic about growing up in the South Bay, logging events around the world, how jazz and logging are a like and much...

Benevolent Breweries of San Diego

Does drinking beer make the world a better place? Short answer: yes. Thankfully, a good group of local breweries agree, and better yet, have made that their mission. If you’re tapped into the local beer community (too easy, sorry) you know two...


Host Eva Silva welcomes Will Carr of WillPower Products, the world’s first line of industrial hemp dietary supplement protein powders for performance and wellness. ReGen(PCR) is a protein powder dietary supplement that delivers the most advanced...

Mary Jane Madness 2018

It’s 2018 and weed is LEGAL! To celebrate, YEW! presents the First Annual Mary Jane Madness Tournament as 32 Cannabis Strains go bud-to-bud every week for the title of ‘MOST BELOVED STRAIN IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.’ A total of five...

Brandon Hernández

Jake sits down with  Brandon Hernández: a consummate voice in San Diego beer. Talks about writing, what it takes to start, and his thoughts on the state of San Diego beer. Shout out to Jake Collins for coming in to talk about beer news in the intro...

march and ash

Secret Sauce, Guacamole Style

Has Guacamole let any of us down? I’ll answer that for us: no. The dip that keeps on giving, the condiment that can make any meal, the side so delicious you can’t judge yourself for opting for a spoon when you plow through all potential chip options...

Shawn + Dylan of Alpine Beer

Jake sits down with Shawn McIllhenney and Dylan Brown of Alpine Beer to talk about the history of Alpine as well as what’s in the future and their thoughts on the way things are going in craft beer. Also, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to LET ME DRINK...




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