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Beau recently saw comedian Monarey Martinez live and he knew we had to do anything we could to get her in the sleeping bag, and we did! She talks about spinning shtty situations into comedy, mediocrity, mouth chewers, and...
Low key, we love our episode this week and are so grateful for YOU CAMPERS! We talk times we have tossed our cookies, Ted Danson's wig, and why we don't need Cambodia.  
We have a professional broadcaster from inside the sleeping bag this week! Jenny Milkowski, TV anchor, host, reporter, and EMMY award-winning badass joins us to talk about the strangest corn tortilla photo she ever got, her own celebrity entourage,...
Yo and yay Campers! It's a memory and mammary filled episode! Live shows, Hollywood parties, and misconstrued text exchanges. It's all here and brimming with sht showy goodness.
Ian Abramson is a comedian, actor, and writer, and he also is so nice and actually asks us questions back and forth in a reciprocal and geniuenly curious way! He jumps in the Sleeping Bag to talk about what...
It's Volume 2 of the Camper of the Week All You Can Eat Episode! It's like a buffet of crazy-ass questions and even weirder answers! Feliz Navidad!
May the force be with you this week! Beau and Meryl conquer Disney together, we learn about Beau's secret schooling, and talk about being sent straight to LinkedIn. Friendly warning: don't start off listening with headphones!
Slip on into our tent this week for one of the most strange and sexual stories we've ever heard as we welcome Jared Laurence, CEO of Modern Flirting! He's been featured on A&E, ABC, MTV, the Great Love Debate...
Meryl has life-changing news at the homestead and Beau finds hope for humanity in a video game! It's a macabre calamity of fiery proportions!  
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