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Native San Diegan who's been smoking weed longer than YEW!

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Puffco Proxy Droplet

I think I just found my new favorite smoking accessory: the Proxy Droplet, a premium percolated water filtration piece for the Puffco Proxy. What’s the Puffco Proxy? Sold separately, the Puffco Proxy is a palm-sized portable dab device shaped...

May The Hitoki Be With You

Have you checked out the Saber from Hitoki yet? If not, it’s out of this world. Powered by Hitoki’s laser system, the Saber is an alternative to anyone looking to ditch their chemical filled butane lighter for cleaner, tastier, cutting...

Brave Noise x Athletic Brewing San Diego

Brave Noise x Athletic Brewing

Athletic Brewing is proud to announce its collaboration with Brave Noise to brew the first-ever non alcoholic release of its pale ale recipe. Athletic joins over 90 other breweries that have released Brave Noise to rally behind the organization’s...

GABF san diego

San Diego Brewers Win Big At GABF

Even though the Great American Beer Festival had to bump the festival, this year marked the largest competition to date, with medals awarded in 97 different beer categories covering 175 different beer styles. “Despite being forced to cancel the...

Stone Neverending Haze IPA

Stone Neverending Haze IPA

Stone Brewing announces the newest year-round beer to join its lineup, Stone Neverending Haze IPA. This low-ABV beer blew away fans in early 2020 with its huge flavor and only 4% ABV. Visibly hazy and golden orange, Stone Neverending Haze IPA lets...

march and ash

A Smokin Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for gifts for stoners? We got you with this epic 420-friendly holiday list. Our friends at Elevate Jane, a contemporary smoke shop specializing in functional art, has curated an insane collection of pipes, bongs, joint holders, and one-of-a...

Weed Wins Big In 2020

The following five U.S. states have legalized recreational and/or medicinal marijuana on Nov. 3, during the U.S. General Election. New Jersey — Voters in New Jersey voted to approve Public Question 1, which legalizes recreational marijuana. The...

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