New Palm Springs Surf Club Closes

Palm Springs Surf Club Closes
YEW Staff
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The Palm Springs Surf Club closes after less than two weeks?? Yup, the PSSC, which brought a wave of excitement to the Coachella Valley, has recently announced that it will be suspending all surf sessions for the remainder of January and February. The closure comes as a setback to the local surf community and enthusiasts, as the club had just launched its operations 10 days prior.

The closure of the wave pool is reportedly indefinite, and this unexpected announcement has left many wondering about the next steps for the Palm Springs Surf Club. The club was the first of its kind in the area, and its opening was met with significant anticipation from the public, with reservations for any public sessions in January selling out within hours of release (per Beach Grit).

While the precise reasons for the technical issues leading to the closure have not been disclosed, it’s clear that the club has faced challenges since its opening. The Palm Springs Surf Club is set to reopen in January 2024, after years of research and development, and with the promise of being an affordably priced wave pool.

The history of the site includes a purchase by Kalani Robb and his Pono Partners in January 2019, with the venue being kept closed for reconstruction before the recent launch. Despite the current setback, there is hope and anticipation for what the Palm Springs Surf Club will bring to the community when it reopens.

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