Five Surf Movies to Watch During the Holidays

Five Surfing Movies to Watch During the Holidays
Linda Barrett
Written by Linda Barrett

As the holidays approach, it’s time to kick back, relax, and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of surf cinema. Whether you’re a hardcore surfer or a film enthusiast looking for some holiday entertainment, we’ve got yew covered.

Here are five must-watch surfing movies that will transport you from the couch to the waves.

1. The Endless Summer (1966) – Best Surf Movies

Nothing captures the spirit of surfing quite like Bruce Brown’s iconic documentary, ‘The Endless Summer’. This film follows two surfers on their worldwide quest to find the perfect wave. It’s a timeless piece of surf cinema that beautifully encapsulates the passion and pursuit of surfing.

2. Riding Giants (2004) – Surfing Movies Masterpiece

‘Riding Giants’ is a monumental surfing movie that traces the history of big wave surfing. It’s a thrilling exploration of the sport’s roots and pays homage to the fearless surfers who dare to take on the giants of the sea.

3. Point Break (1991) – A Hollywood Addition to Surf Cinema

If you’re looking for a blend of Hollywood action and surf, ‘Point Break’ is the film for you. While it’s not a traditional surf movie, its classic plot and iconic surf sequences have earned it a spot on our list of holiday entertainment. Also, Keanu!!!

4. Blue Crush (2002) – A Standout Among Surfing Movies

For those seeking a dose of drama and romance with their surf, ‘Blue Crush’ is a perfect choice. This film, starring Kate Bosworth, is about a young woman’s determination to conquer Oahu’s most dangerous surf competition.

5. North Shore (1987) – A Must-Watch Gem in Surf Cinema

‘North Shore’ is a cult classic that every surf movie enthusiast should see. It’s a coming-of-age film that follows a young surfer from Arizona as he experiences the trials and tribulations of professional surfing on Hawaii’s famed North Shore.

These surfing movies are more than just holiday entertainment; they are a celebration of the sport and culture of surfing. So, this holiday season, dive into the world of surf cinema with these five best surf movies.

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