The Monday M.A.S.S.

The Monday M.A.S.S. With Chris Coté and Todd Richards, November 6, 2023

Chris Cantore
Written by Chris Cantore

On this episode of The World’s Greatest Action Sports Podcast, Chris and Todd talk about the remaining Olympic surfing spots, Big Wave World Tour, shark attack in Cape Cod, Gabe Ferg goes pro for K2 and Todd says no to pro parties, Exposure skate was SICK, Vans Pipe Masters is happening and neither Chris or Todd is invited, Stab S.U.R.F. series is epic, Ozzie Wright rules, the basics of surfboard rocker, Kihana Ogawa’s Best Trick winning backside tailslide shove it was great, Todd talks about reversing the bail-effect, Tony Hawk celebrates a nine year odl doing back to back 900s, Mitche Brusco does an alley oop kickflip with a late back foot heelflip, Mint Tours is taking us to Japan, Nick Bosiero Edit kills, Hiroto goes 2160 on his snowboard, lots of questions answered, and so much more.

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