Surf Machine With Chris Coté: A Low Key Surf Vlog … Surf Vacation In Nicaragua

Chris Cote
Written by Chris Cote

On this episode of Surf Machine, “A Low Key Surf Vlog” Chris and his friend, Jesse, AKA, Sketchy Tank, take a quick four-day surf vacation (not to be confused with a “surf trip”) to the beautiful Casa La Barra Surf Resort for an action packed, all awesome, surf stoked, chill, good vibe get away. Surrounded by a bunch of perfect little wedges, spinning left hand san bottom point breaks, thumping beachies, and everything in between, this spot is Chris’ dream, and will be for any small wave enthusiast. The waves on this trip were friendly, fast, empty, always offshore, and really provided an insane amount of fun with every session.

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Chris Cote (Solo) “Welcome To My Basement (Herndon Hype Mix)”…

Kut U Up “Worse Than Wolves”…

Thanks to: Liam Ferguson, Dave Hall, Luis KG Lopez, Alexander Fino, Timo Westkamp, Dark Arts Surfboards, Pyzel Surfboards, NVS Fins, and the whole staff at Casa La Barra.

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Chris Cote

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