May The Hitoki Be With You

Linda Barrett
Written by Linda Barrett

Have you checked out the Saber from Hitoki yet? If not, it’s out of this world.

Powered by Hitoki’s laser system, the Saber is an alternative to anyone looking to ditch their chemical filled butane lighter for cleaner, tastier, cutting-edge consumption.

Easy to use, easy to clean, the Saber’s elegant design features a one button function offering three power levels indicated by color:

Low (Red) is for dry blends.
Medium (Green) for denser blends.
High (Blue) for blends infused with oils.

Load a ceramic bowl with your favorite strain and the Hitoki will last for hundreds of sessions on a single charge.

Even radder, its modular design makes it easy to affix to your favorite glass.

Elevate your glass game with a laser upgrade — your taste buds and lungs will thank YEW!

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Linda Barrett

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