Great white shark grabs spotlight at Seaside Reef

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Kaydn Persidok, of Encinitas, posted the footage of a great white shark breaching to Instagram on Tuesday.

It shows Kaydn and her brother Reef ripping small waves when, at 27 seconds, a juvenile white shark jumps out of the water.

“Anybody else feel a little sharky vibe yesterday out in the lineup?” Kaydn wrote.

The footage was captured at Seaside Reef, in North County San Diego. Kaydn, who is part of the USA Surfing Olympic Development Team, recalled her experience to The CW San Diego:

“A little while before we saw the shark breach, my friend said she saw something that looked like a shark swim right under her, and right then it got suspicious! The water was a little murky because of the rain and it just felt sharky. Then as we saw it breach my heart raced and I was amazed and stunned but also a bit scared because it wasn’t too far away from us!”

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