Coronado Brewing Launches California’s First Organic Hard Cider in Cans

Organic Hard Cider

After years of research and development, Coronado Brewing Company, a pioneering craft brewery from San Diego, Calif., introduces Coronado Hard Cider. Making an initial splash with two flavor offerings – Nice & Dry and Super Fruit, the line of USDA-certified organic ciders are also vegan, gluten-free, and contain zero added sugars or sulfites.

“Coronado Hard Cider is a venture that’s been in the works for two-plus years, and we’re thrilled to finally introduce California’s first USDA-certified organic hard cider available in cans,” said Rick Chapman, Owner and Co-founder at Coronado Brewing Company. “We utilized the talent and cider-making know-how from a respected industry veteran to help us craft delicious recipes that consumers will love. It was really important for us to go the extra mile and gain the USDA organic certification, as this makes for a high-quality, alternative craft beverage for our fans to enjoy.”

Using organic apples sourced from select orchards in the Pacific Northwest and later pressed in the Yakima Valley, Wash., Coronado Hard Cider features two inaugural styles made with minimal ingredients and processing. Nice & Dry Organic Hard Cider is made using purely organic apple juice, which creates a refreshingly crisp beverage with very champagne-like qualities. Super Fruit Organic Hard Cider includes acai berries and blueberries for a mildly sweeter, more complex flavor profile.

Both styles will be sold in 16-ounce cans in four-packs and on draft, starting with the Coronado Bay Park Tasting Room on December 10 and hitting retailers throughout San Diego County by January 2022.

Coronado Hard Cider Quick Facts:

Style: Nice & Dry Organic Hard Cider

Stats: 6.0% ABV | 0g added sugars | Gluten-free | Vegan

Tasting notes: Dry, crisp, and effervescent. It’s your classic, go-to, any time of the day, super-refreshing, dry cider.

Color: Bright straw

Aroma: Fruity medley with pronounced melon, pear, and green apple

Flavor: Lingering acidity with a subtle sweetness.


Style: Super Fruit Organic Hard Cider

Stats: 5.5% ABV | 0g added sugars | Gluten-free | Vegan

Tasting notes: Semi-sweet, fruit-forward, and prevalent berry notes. Made with organic acai berries & blueberries.

Color: Deep maroon

Aroma: Jammy dark fruits with rosehip and floral notes

Flavor: Sweetness, balanced by punchy acidity

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