We are getting reports of tarballs washing up across San Diego County. To record those sightings and ensure clean up, our homies at Surfrider has created a simple oil/tarball mapping tool that uses your phone to photograph and map your findings in realtime.

We believe this will ultimately be a great tool to record and report oil that seems to be showing up everywhere and could help with clean up and understanding the full impact.

First download the ArcGis QuickCapture app to your phone.

Continue without signing in and then use the QR code to open the Oil Spill Reporter. This might be easiest done with you laptop, tablet or friends phone so you can scan QR code.

tarball mappingEnter your email and name (won’t be public) and you are ready to go.

Then hit the beach and you can “Keep track of your steps” and take photos of your observations.

You can go HERE to see a map of the data Surfrider is collecting.

To report tarballs by phone, call 866.985.8366.
To report oiled wildlife by phone, call 877.823.6926
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