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Don’t Get Caught At The Beach With Your Pants Down

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There’s nothing worse than flashing a crotch-shot while changing in and out of your wetsuit.

Hoping no-one has an iPhone rolling, you cross your legs and scramble to grab your towel. Your heart races as your privates shrivel in embarrassment. Thankfully, our homies at Ho Stevie! have introduced a Surf Changing Poncho that will put an end to this parking lot trauma.

surfing poncho

Unlike other ponchos that don’t go past your knees, the one-size-fits-all Ho Stevie! Surf Changing Poncho provides 47 inches from shoulders to bottom of the robe — more than enough room to keep your mouse in its house.

Other Changing Poncho Features

  • Soft, thick microfiber or cotton material dries fast.
  • Dries you off quickly and keeps you warm… no need for a separate towel!
  • Low lint, so you won’t get those annoying fuzzies on you after drying off.
  • Makes changing easy, comfortable, and private.
  • Hood keeps your head and face warm when it’s cold and windy.
  • Hanging loop for easy hanging back home.

The Surf Changing Poncho is available NOW on Amazon. Click here to purchase.

Pro Tip: While buying your poncho, also treat yourself to a Ho Stevie! Wetsuit Changing Mat. When you change in and out of your wetsuit at a dirty parking lot, the dirt grinds into your wetsuit’s neoprene and destroys it.

Extend the life of your wetsuit with the Wetsuit Changing Mat.

Changing mat

And when you’re finished changing after surfing and you have a dripping wetsuit, just cinch up the drawstrings on the mat, and it turns into a dry-bag! No more damp, smelly car.

Wetsuit Changing Mat / Dry-Bag Features

  • Durable waterproof material
  • Protect your wetsuit and extend its life
  • Keep your car dry while transporting your wetsuit after surfing
  • Large enough to hold wetsuit and Surf Changing Poncho.

dry bag

The Wetsuit Changing Mat is available NOW on Amazon. Click here to purchase.

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