the Kelee

What is the Kelee®?

Have you ever felt the sensation of emotion well up from within you? This emotion is found in the Kelee that resides within us all. The roots of the Kelee® date back three thousand years in ancient Sanskrit meaning, “having to do with different states of mind or point hunter.” In Greek and Hebrew, Kelee translates as vessel or receptacle. This vessel — your Kelee — holds all of our life’s harmonious and disharmonious emotion within.

The Cantore Show talks to Ron W Rathbun, founder of 501(c)(3) Kelee Foundation and author of ten books educating about the mind, the Kelee®, and Kelee Meditation.

His latest publication, The Essence of Empathy: An In-Depth View of Empathy and Compassion, is available on Amazon.


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