CannaBlogger’s Corner: Rock and Rouge Bodywork Venue

Andy Wagner
Written by Andy Wagner

On this week’s episode, I’m talking with Karen, the brilliant mind behind Rock and Rouge Bodywork Venue. She takes us on her journey of how she learned to infuse (see what I did there?) cannabis into her therapy treatments to give her clients an added element of pain relief and relaxation. You’ll hear just how much her business means to her and how challenging this past year has been for her and her clients. Things get emotional, some tears are shed, and we open up to each other. See just how much love and dedication Karen and her sister pour into Rock and Rouge and their clients.

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Andy Wagner

Andy Wagner

Born in PA, moved to CA when I joined the Navy. My passions are Penn State, SDCC, cannabis, and music. I'm a fountain of useless pop culture trivia, which tends to make me fun at parties. I'm the biggest nerd you will ever meet, but I'll make you laugh, too.

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