A Smokin Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for gifts for stoners? We got you with this epic 420-friendly holiday list.

Our friends at Elevate Jane, a contemporary smoke shop specializing in functional art, has curated an insane collection of pipes, bongs, joint holders, and one-of-a-kind vintage smoking accessories. Available at, all of these rad pieces are made in the U.S.A. and handmade by artists in small batches.

Yew-Worthy picks include:

Mimi Bong

A perfectly sized, high-functioning bong, Mimi is absolutely stunning. While suited for household decor, she rips like a proper bong. Handblown in Orange County, this sleek and sexy water pipe is a PERFECT gift for that cannabis consumer high on your list.

Avocado Pipes

Holy Guacamole, as if we couldn’t love avocados any more! California’s favorite agricultural product can now be used to smoke California’s other favorite agricultural product. The faux avocado skin feels so realistic, the toker will try to make a fresh bowl of guac upon exhaling.

Lava Lamp One Hitters

Meet the grooviest little one hitter on the planet!  Glass blown with beautiful, rich, and glittery colors, these mini lava lamps will transport you back to the 70s. Appreciated by all, it’s the perfect little pipe for the stoner on the go.

Crystal Pipes

Looking for a beautiful and meaningful gift for that special lady (or, dude) on your list?  Each crystal pipe carries its own metaphysical and healing properties, and will concentrate energy towards an intention. Heavy.

Sushi Pipes

Domo Arigato to the artist who created these awesome pipes for sushi lovers. The attention to detail is ridiculous from every grain of rice that is handblown, to the salmon fat marbling on the nigiri, and each cucumber spear in the hand roll. These are meticulously made works of functional art.

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