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Today’s guest is Mr. Brian Bent.

You know who Brian is… That throwback… Hot rod… Cool daddy in the black and white stripes with the hat… Cruising down the line in his throwback surf craft known as the kook box. Yeah you’ve seen him driving around town in one of his classic hot Rod cars looking like a modern-day Herman Munster… Cruising around… Yeah you’ve seen him. Brian is from another time but his stoke for life is real, he is a creative genius… He never stops creating… Never stops innovating… He just keeps getting better. Brian is an incredibly talented dude who can do just about anything good… Whether it’s painting… Surfing… Skating… Or whistling… Brian can do it… The list of his accomplishments goes on and on. We cruised over to Brian’s house in lovely San Juan Capistrano… I pulled the
VW bus onto his grass that was surrounded by his four incredibly stylish old classic car collection.
Brian and I chatted it up about surf, surfing magazine, music and life… We took a deep dive into Brian’s band the “Bent Duo”. That’s his band with his daughter Esther.
She plays “Keith Moon” style drums… Perfect and straight forward.

It was an absolute pleasure to get together and hang with Brian… I love talking with Brian… And when he gets going… It’s pure gold… Here’s my conversation with the one and only Mr. Brian Bent!

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