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The Cantore Show: Surfboard Reunited

skip frye
Chris Cantore
Written by Chris Cantore

About 10 years ago, our guest Colton read a SD Reader cover story in journalism class about a Skip Frye surfboard. Written by a local surfer Russell, it was an homage to the legendary shaper that ended with Skip shaping him a board — after years and years of asking.

A few weeks ago, Russell’s garage got broken into and the board, pictured above, was stolen. Remembering the surfboard from the story, Colton was on a mission to recover it … and, he did. A radical move from a selfless aloha warrior. Hear the story.

Also, Kerri from Acoustic Underground joins Cantore to discuss the virtual concert Surfrider benefit, ‘Sound Waves For Clean Water,’ featuring Iron Sage Wood and surprise guests.

Streaming on the YEW! facebook page this Sunday at 5:30 p.m., we will be raising awareness and money for clean water and healthy beaches. The funds raised for Surfrider San Diego will support their efforts for clean water, beach access, coastal preservation, ocean protection, and to reduce plastic pollution.

Episode ends with the song, ‘Love Life’ by Iron Sage Wood.

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