Oceanside’s Linden Surfboards To Find New Home

Linden Surfboards
Chris Cantore
Written by Chris Cantore

After decades in a small warehouse on South Cleveland Street in Oceanside, California, it’s time for legendary shaper Linden Surfboards to move on.

Crafting surfboards for 50 years, Gary Linden has spent 43 of them at 1027 Cleveland Street. As gentrification would have it, Linden’s shop will be scraped to accomodate a three-story, 16-unit condo project.

“You can’t stop progress, you can’t blame people for wanting to live in the best place in the whole world” Linden told CBS8.


While not sure where the next wave will take him, Gary Linden is nothing short of a legend in surfing. 70 years old, he’s an accomplished big-wave surfer, a sport organizer for the World Surf League Big Wave Tour, and considered a true pioneer in the use of recycled agave for surfboard design.

“I’m going to keep making Linden surfboards, another chapter in my life is just about to start. This one’s been pretty great.”

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