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Coming to you from another dimension our latest episode features filmmaker Evan Adamson (@evan.adamson). We sit down and talk about growing up in Texas, what his influences are and his new project @stokewars. We also talk about why it’s important to Vote and how to get involved in your local elections. Lastly we wrap up this eclectic mix of tracks with some short takes with @tatsuo_takei, @bingsurfboards & @neil.messmer. So sit back and enjoy this mix of tracks that is way different than anything we have ever done.

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1. Dig Your Own Hole – Chemical Brothers

2. Little Dark Age – MGMT

3. A Song for Our Grandfathers – Future Islands

4. Suspended In Gaffa – Kate Bush

5. This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us – Sparks

6. What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 2 – DJ Shadow

7. Peacebone – Animal Collective

8. Out of the Blue – Roxy Music

9. The Orchids – Psychic TV

10. It’s a Good Day to Die – The Crocodiles

11. I Want You – Spiritualized

12. Metal Postcard – Siouxsie and the Banshees

13. Unwrap the Fiend, Pt. 2 – Thee Oh Sees

14. Tien An Man Dream Again -fIREHOSE

15. Tuff Gnarl – Mike Watt

16. Arpeggiator – Fugazi

17. Claudine – The Geraldine Fibbers

18. Dust – Parquet Courts

19. JC – Sonic Youth

20. Spring Is In the Air – Woods


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