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Today’s episode is all about Palm Springs. This beautiful desert oasis is just 2 hours east of the Southern California Golden Coast. Big things are happening out in the desert, things are changing and the modern times are amongst us. When you think of Palm Springs what do you think of? Golf Courses and Golf carts? Coachella? That Tram thing? Those windmill things? Hipsters? The ACE hotel. Or how about Architecture? Names like Albert Frey.. Who  invented “Desert Modernism”. All those things were synonymous with Pam Springs.

Now, Palm Springs is emerging as Surfings New Mecca. With the advancements of different wave pool technologies competing to be the first to market.

There is Talk of Josh Kerr Staring a wave pool resort. There are talks of Kelly Slater building a wave pool resort.

But there is only one group that is ACTUALLY pumping out waves in the Desert. Its the Palm Springs Surf Resort… in its test phase.

Who is behind this technology and who are the key players involved?

With all the hype surrounding this wave pool its been hard to ignore. Clip after clip of pro after pro, influencer after influencer, a real who’s who of the industry getting private, exclusive surf sessions with the homies. Only the coolest of the cool get invites.

Which is rad because, duh its their pool and they do what they want.

I kept waiting  for my phone to ring… I kept looking at my phone to see if Kalani Robb has texted me… I was hoping for an invite from the homies…something from somewhere…please??? Anything will do…just grant me that golden ticket! Oh well. I guess ill just have to wait jus like everybody else.

But the reality is, we will ALL be able to surf out in the the desert. Yes! We will all be able, one day to surf the PALM SPRINGS SURF RESORT once it opens to the public.

So here it is! My 2 hour episode (the time it takes to get to the desrt)  all about the Palm Springs SURF RESORF.

A detailed account from a frothy surfer that wasn’t invited.

An in depth look at the WAVE POOL, from the outside looking in.

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