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Chris Cantore
Written by Chris Cantore

According to the Employment Development Department, unemployment benefits during COVID-19 has topped $55 billion in California.

With unemployment at an alltime high, the surf lineup has never been so packed. And, with some of that extra federal stimulus money, a surfer’s wallet has never been so stuffed.

“Dude, I’ve paid off all my debt AND bought a new board at Bird’s” said Tom, a former Pacific Beach bartender. “Thanks Unco Sam!”

Recognizing this unique time in surf culture, the dudes at JM Sales and Service, a San Diego-based sales and marketing agency representing Volcom, Electric, Stance, MIZU and Christenson Surfboards, have introduced the EDD Surf Team.


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To qualify for the team, you need to being getting paid by the EDD and surfing more than you have since you were a grom. No longer a pastime, as a member of the EDD Surf Team, you are technically a PROFESSIONAL surfer akin to Kelly Slater and/or Jamie O’Brien.  After all, this is what you have always dreamed of, GETTING PAID TO SURF.

While you ride this wave as long as the state and feds keep loading your BofA debit card, let your local break know that you’re a PRO by rocking a EDD Surf Team t-shirt.

Important to note, there are also Team EDD for skating, drinking, fishing, and golfing.

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