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1,250 People Gather At Cardiff State Beach To Pray For Surf

YEW Staff
Written by YEW Staff

Plagued with small surf for the last couple of weeks, thousands gathered at Cardiff State Beach Sunday evening to pray for waves while defying public health orders that prohibit large gatherings.

“They miss their waves,” said Prayer Leader Larry Shredington, who helped organize the gathering. “Bigger sets are a core part of a surfer’s life and as you can see people are over it, they want to shred the gnar, they want to rip and this is the perfect break for them to do so.”

Shredington said he wasn’t surprised to see more than 1,200 people in the sand praying for better surf, the waves need to be great again.

pray for surf

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Heather Mancini of La Jolla told OANN it’s frustrating to be barred from surfing tasty waves during Q-tine.

“It should be at least waist – shoulder high, right?  Instead, we have ankle slappers and kooks who can’t surf crowding the lineup,” Mancini said. “I’ve come really close to renting a SUP in the lagoon.”

Important to note, Mancini wasn’t wearing a mask, and neither was most of the crowd.

At one point during the two-hour event, some attendees reached out and joined hands to summon the surf Gods.  That was something Prayer Leader Larry Shredington said was not planned.

“But it happened, so we will believe that everybody is going to be fine,” he said. “They’ll be protected by good ocean karma and positive vibes.”

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  • Bless all 1,250 of those Super-Spreaders!!! Their prayers have been answered! It’s a miracle! The apostles at Surfline have prophesied a new hurricane off Mexico – dubbed by agnostic forecasters at the National Hurricane Center as “Rona de Guadalupe” – She is due to hit our swell window just as soon as all these kooks contract their KARMA!!!

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