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Roberto’s Taco Shop Founder, Dolores Robledo, Dies At 90

Chris Cantore
Written by Chris Cantore

You may not know her by name, but you most definitely know this legend’s restaurants.

If 2020 couldn’t suck any more, the founder of Roberto’s Taco Shop, Dolores Robledo, died last week at 90.

A devoted mother to 13 children, 39 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren, 5 great-great grandchildren, AND the California Burrito, a press release says Robledo “loved cooking Mexican food for her family and friends.”

Dolores Robledo

She and her husband, Roberto, opened their first taco shop in San Diego in 1964. The restaurant, yellow and red with an impossibly long menu, was an instant hit with locals.

By the mid-eighties, Roberto’s dominated the fast-casual /late-night Mexican food market in San Diego with scores of locations — and, copycats.  Ahem, Alberto’s Gilberto’s Reyberto’s, Filberto’s, Bertoberto’s ….

First Roberto’s

In 1990, Robledo moved to Las Vegas and opened 57 restaurants in Nevada with her husband (who passed away years ago.) Today, there are 77 Roberto’s between California and Nevada.

“A life well lived deserves to be beautifully remembered,” the press release finished. “Dolores had been sharing her love for family and authenticity through each meal served. She has left the legacy of her love and perseverance.”

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