Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Makes Waves At 56

Kathy Jacobs
Written by Bob Driver

Sports Illustrated recently cracked the seal on its COVID-19 delayed Swimsuit Edition.

Par for the socially-distanced course, it’s loaded with an overwhelming amount of twentysomething sexy ladies donning the skimpiest swimsuits on dreamy beaches.

Like many aging surfers, I look forward to this annual pageant of beauty ever year. However, the older I get, the crustier I grow, the more uncomfortable and creepy I feel about ogling SI’s annual Swimsuit Edition.  In short, I just don’t feel right about gawking at the assets of Generation Z.

Don’t get me wrong, I still look, but the two optic nerves behind my eyeballs send shame signals back to my brain.  My vision gets zapped with impressions of regret.  So profound, I think SI is feeling it, or perhaps their editors have realized their demographics are skewing a bit older — says the mature, gray-bearded reader wrestling with “Lolita concerns.”

My issues aside, I am happy to report that SI has included, amongst its usual bevy of young beauties, the most attractive 56 year old swimsuit model I have ever gazed upon. Thank you SI! Kathy Jacobs is the answer to all my aged advanced dreams.

And thank you Mrs. Jacobs… for simply being, Mrs. Jacobs (pictured above.)

“I think it’s pretty cool that I get to come back to modeling again,” Jacobs told The New Post on Wednesday.

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