Record Low Temperatures Threaten San Diego Year-Round Shorts-Guys

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As first reported in Chicago, where it’s REALLY cold, there’s been a steep decline in Year-Round Shorts-Guy populations.  Here in San Diego, according to a new study, we are feeling the sting.

As temperatures plummeted into the 20s and 30s due to a cold front passing through Southern California, there’s been a pronounced shortage of San Diego men wearing shorts with Patagonia Nano Puff Jackets.   On the flipside, dudes wearing shorts with black socks and beanies are holding strong.

year round shorts guy

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This week, the National Weather Service reported record-breaking low temperatures amid an overnight freeze warning.  As a result, San Diego Year-Round Shorts-Guy opted to wear leisure pants, or high-end sweatpants, around town.

Leading local climatologist Shawn Styles had this about the climate shift.

“It’s the first time in seven years San Diego has seen temperatures dip into the 30s,” said Styles.  “Consequently, a lot of local men haven’t worn pants in almost a decade.”

While temperatures are expected to slowly warm through Saturday, San Diego is expected to get another bout of winter weather early next week.  With cooler and rainy conditions on the horizon, hopefully we never get to a place where guys are wearing UGGs again.

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