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5 Songs Inspired By Dogs

As we get settled in to watch Puppy Bowl XIV, we tracked down 5 Songs Inspired By Dogs for YEW!

“Old King” by Neil Young

The 1972 Harvest Moon song is about Young’s Bluetick Coonhound, King, who died.

“Martha My Dear” by The Beatles

Paul McCartney’s beloved English sheepdog named Martha, who died in 1982, inspired this beauty.

“Cracker Jack” by Dolly Parton

Before she inspired a social media challenge, Dolly Parton honored her childhood dog, Cracker Jack, on her iconic Jolene album.

“Man of the Hour” by Norah Jones

Released on her 2009 album The Fall, Norah Jones pays homage to her dog, Ralph, in “Man of the Hour.”

“Death of a Martian” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

While recording the 2006 Stadium Arcadium album, bassist Flea suffered a major loss as his dog named Martian passed away. This song is a touching tribute.

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