First Cannabis Café Opens In WeHo

lowell cafe
Written by Linda Barrett

The nation’s first cannabis café opens Tuesday in West Hollywood and it will not be serving stoner food.

Located at 1201 N. La Brea Ave. in WeHo, diners at Lowell Café will be able to smoke, vape and consume edibles on an outdoor consumption lounge.  Once blazed, an attached restaurant will serve high-end salads and sandwiches from renowned chef ANDREA DRUMMER.  Coffee, tea and juices will also be served, but NO cannabis-infused products or alcoholic beverages due to CA state law.

lowell cafe

Owned and operated by Lowell Farms, California’s most popular pre-roll company, key investors include singer/songwriter MILEY CYRUS, DJ MARK RONSON and comedian CHRIS ROCK.  With a 220 seat capacity, the lounge and restaurant covers 6,000 square feet, with 1,800 square feet dedicated just to the smoking patio.

Is San Diego next?  Nope, not anytime soon.  The city of West Hollywood has approved plans to issue up to eight licenses; the Bay Area town of Alameda said it will allow two; and Oakland and South Lake Tahoe each have one lounge. Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego are discussing the issue, but have not authorized any lounges to date.

If you’d like to visit Lowell Cafe, you must make a reservation and bring an ID (21 and up.) Yew can find all the information on their official website here.

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