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Beer of the Week: Stone Ghost Hammer IPA

Stone Ghost Hammer IPA
YEW Staff
Written by YEW Staff

First released in 2017, Stone Ghost Hammer IPA emerges again, its transcendent presence materializing through the Halloween season.

Liberally hopped with Loral, the hop’s name itself is telling of the beer’s unique flavors and aromas. It imparts strong lemony notes and an intense floral aroma. Stone Ghost Hammer IPA is crisp and clean with very balanced and subtle bitterness. Flavors of lemon sorbet, hard candy, spice and herbal undertones make for a truly unique and remarkable IPA.

Name: Stone Host Hammer IPA
Release Date: Week of September 30, 2019
Stats: 6.7% ABV
Availability: Nationwide Special Release
Packaging: 12oz six-pack can & draft

Appearance: Pours golden with some haze and a white head.
Aroma: An intense floral nose with candy, mango, lemon and pine.
Taste: Lemon sorbet, hard candy, spice, with herbal and noble-hop undertones.
Palate: Crisp and clean. Very balanced with subtle bitterness.
Overall: This new IPA takes the love for the Loral hop a step further by showcasing it in this unfiltered, moderate (by Stone Brewing standards) ABV beer.

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