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Jay and Silent Bob Want to Sell You Weed (Legally)

Jay and Silent Bob
Andy Wagner
Written by Andy Wagner

Who sells the blunts? Jay and Silent Bob do, of course. The “hetero life-mates” will be guest budtending in LA on Friday, September 27 to promote their three pre-roll strains.

You won’t find Jay (Jason Mewes) or Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) behind the Quick Stop in New Jersey, though. Now, they’ve hit the turnpike and will be at Herbarium from 4:20pm PT to closing (10:00pm PT). You can choose from their Snoochie Boochies (sativa), Berserker (hybrid), or Snoogans (indica) strains made in cooperation with Caviar Gold Cannabis.

The OG Bluntman and Chronic themselves will be snapping selfies with fans along with hustling their new strains while promoting their latest film, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot.

While San Diego isn’t currently on their tour schedule, Smith is a regular at San Diego Comic-Con every year. We would always love to see them here before that, but at least we’ll see them in July, 2020.

Jay and Silent Bob Go Legit

Mewes and Smith aren’t that new to the cannabis industry. Back in January of this year, they introduced their Jay and Silent Bob’s Private Stash cannabis line.

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Back in the day, @jayandsilentbob used to sell weed in the movies. Now, thanks to the good folks at , Jay and Silent Bob are selling weed in real life! This January Jay and Silent Bob’s Private Stash debuts in every weed-legal state and every weed-legal store they can lean against! Smoke some Snoogans (an Indica)! Blaze some Berserker (a Sativa)! Or go both ways with Snoochie Boochies (a Hybrid)! The green is spectacular but also: look at the gorgeous artwork and presentation @artofthehustler Adam put together! The pre-rolls come in collectible containers that fit into Quick Stop Dispensary and THC Video display cases! The #chemesis kids brought me out to the #mjbizcon where we made the announcement and I played with the prototypes! We start with pre-rolls, 5 packs and jars of flower, but next up? Oils and Pet CBD’s! In 2019, say hi to Jay and Silent Bob’s Private Stash! It’s no longer a secret and it’ll bowl you over! #KevinSmith #jayandsilentbob #jayandsilentbobsprivatestash

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Of course, what good is a stash if you can’t enjoy it? Smith and Mewes thought of that, too, so they launched their own line of gear and accessories over at Famous Brandz.

Herbarium is located at 979 N La Brea Ave., in West Hollywood. Are you planning to make the drive? Let us know in the comments.




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