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Taco Documentary Series Streaming On Netflix

Let’s be honest folks, since the 2010 bust of Blockbuster, the entertainment landscape has completely changed; mainly due to Binge-able high speed internet and the comfy Chill of Netflix.

If it weren’t for the browsing power of Netflix, the careers of Adam Sandler and perhaps, even Rob Schneider, may have been lost to Hollywood obscurity. Without Netflix streaming, Orange may have never met the new Black. Arrested Development would have stayed undeveloped and we would be showing our kids how to make houses out of cards, rather than watching House of Cards foreshadow today’s politics.

Viva Netflix!

Starting today, Netflix is taking things up a notch, hitting a new level, turning it up to… eleven!  They’re bringing the high heat with a new documentary series called, “Las Crónicas Del Taco.”  Committed to everything delicious, important and versatile about the TACO, the trailer alone made my Samsung Smart TV sizzle and my living room smell F-ing awesome!

Self proclaimed “taco scout” and series Associate Producer, Javier Cabral, noted on his Instagram, ”Las Crónicas Del Taco [is] the first ever Netflix Original documentary series focused entirely on tacos and the hardworking taqueros who make it.”

And, Cabral truly knows his tacos.  A native of East L.A. and former restaurant scout for the late, great Los Angeles Times Food & Music critic, Jonathan Gold, Cabral spent the last year traveling Mexico, searching for the finest Asada, Barbacoa, Canasta, Carnitas, Guisado & Al Pastor tacos. All the while, still editing and writing for the seriously great site, L.A. Taco.

Now, if YEW are anything like me — a total gringo, who loves tacos — then your Spanglish sucks too! So, let’s all pledge to follow Señor Cabral’s final recommendation and binge watch this series “en español with subtitles so you can perfect your taco-ordering Spanish!”

Netflix Trailer with subtitles:

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