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Strain Of The Week: Crossroad Chem

YEW Staff
Written by YEW Staff

Strain of the Week: Crossroad Chem

Type: Hybrid
Genetics: SFV OG x Chem Dog
Flavor: Piney
Effects: Boosts energy & focus, cerebral high
THC: 31.5%

Oakland’s I.C. Collective introduces a powerhouse of a strain with Crossroad Chem, a cross of SFV OG and Chem Dog.  With its dense nug structure and light green complexion, this high THC hybrid (over 30%) was gifted by the legendary Skunk VA.

Mixing the sweet funkiness of Skunk VA’s Chem Dog with the crisp, piney flavors of a classic OG, this heater of a strain is uplifting and social, but not overpowering and weird.  In other words, while not a soaring mental high, it’s not a bogged down daywrecker like some Chem x OG hybrids.

With its quintessential piney OG taste, Crossroad Chem held its through a bong snap and joint, burning with a nice, white ash — a sign of good cannabis. Filled with gorgeous, trichome covered rock nuggets adorned in pointy, twisting calyxes, yew can’t go wrong with this I.C. Collective masterpiece (available at March and Ash in Mission Valley.)


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