Explore The Vinyl Production Process With Sara Watkins

Sara Watkins, legendary San Diego singer-songwriter-fiddler, is a big fan of the vinyl album format.

Though vinyl was considered a near-extinct format merely two decades ago, it has experienced a remarkable renaissance in recent years. According to a report in Billboard, sales of new vinyl records in the US – which have increased every year since 2007 – topped 16 million copies in 2018, and various sources estimate that similar numbers of used vinyl records were sold during the same period.

In this captivating mini-documentary, Watkins (and baby) explores the vinyl manufacturing process with legendary vinyl mastering engineer Bernie Grundman — from mastering and lacquering to plating and pressing.

this was the first time I was able to witness the vinyl mastering happen

As Watkins observed, “this was the first time I was able to witness the vinyl mastering happen, and now having seen it I appreciate listening to vinyl even a little bit more.”

With her new band I’m With Her, Sara released their acclaimed full-length debut “See You Around” with several different vinyl editions.

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