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Making Ice Surfboards

The makers of the award winning film North of the Sun are planning a new short documentary. The idea is simple; they want to make ice surfboards.

Between February-April 2019, the coldest months in the arctic, a group of surfers, a local surfboard shaper, a professional ice sculptor and some dedicated film makers are documenting this one-of-a-kind frozen adventure.

The world’s most eco friendly boards, made just with water and the cold temperatures outside, filmmakers will experiment with different techniques — with and without fins, long and short boards, sand on the board to get grip, and LED lights inside them for extra epicness.

They have done the first tests now, and the most important remains; they need to get a surfer to actually surf a wave with a frozen board! To do this, filmmakers have learned that they should have 20-30 boards ready, and a crew to carry the boards out to the ocean — so that the surfers can focus on the surfing. The waves must be OK, the board should not be too thick or too thin and the surfer need some help to get enough speed in the water. And last, the boards are so slippery, so we need to find more ways to get grip.

Making a film is never cheap, no matter how much passion and goodwill you on-board. Filmmakers have budgeted $60.000 USD for the whole film, and they are getting some support for it, but it is not enough. We are hoping YEW can help them to finish the project, by contributing via the following link:

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