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Chris Cantore
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After Bradley Nowell’s death in 1996, he never saw the success of Sublime’s final album, which has since been listed as one of the most well-regarded albums of the 1990s by Spin and Rolling Stone.  Dying two months before its release, Nowell left behind a son and longtime girlfriend / new wife Troy Dendekker, AKA Mama Troy.

In this episode of the Cantore + YEW! podcast, Chris talks to Mama Troy about coming of age in San Diego, meeting Bradley Nowell of Sublime, coping with his loss, and helping carry on the band’s legacy 20+ years after his death.

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Mama Troy also talks about her son with Bradley, Jakob, frontman of his own Long Beach band, LAW.

AND meet Mama Troy Saturday, February 16th at Misfit Gallery for Diverse Directions, a surf and street art benefit for California Coasts.


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