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The Monday M.A.S.S. With Chris Coté and Todd Richards, Feb. 11, 2019

Chris Cote
Written by Chris Cote

This is the World’s Greatest Action Sports Podcast! And on this week’s show, we talk about birthday boy Kelly Slater, check in with Benji Weatherley (who is on his way to the WSL SURF RANCH!). There is so much snow in the mountains! Surf news is all about the madness from the Volcom Pipe Pro, the current super storm hitting Hawaii, golf,

STAB In The Dark, the homie, Alex from @BodegaBoarderCrew reviews the new Torryn Martin movie, etc. Snow news is about all the crazy ass snow that’s falling, Todd gives his expert overview of what’s up.  Skate news talks about Simple Session with Blair Alley. This is a great episode.


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Chris Cote

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