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the dude's sunglasses
YEW Staff
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This Sunday, Jeff Bridges returns as ‘The Dude’ in Stella Artois’ Super Bowl commercial with Sarah Jessica Parker.  In the commercial, seen below, Bridges is donning the Vuarnet sunglasses he made famous in The Big Lebowski — along with his cardigan, pajama bottoms, and jelly shoes.

While we can’t help with the jelly shoes, we can direct you to his classic shades. Created in the 60s, you can purchase the Vuarnet 03s in the original color worn by The Dude as well as eight new styles.  Lightweight and comfortable, the frames are guaranteed to sit easily on the bridge of your nose for maximum chilling. However, at a $220 price point, you may have to sell the rug, man.

Grab The Dude’s sunglasses here.

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