The Monday M.A.S.S. With Chris Coté And Todd Richards, December 18, 2018

YEW! This is the last M.A.S.S. of the year! We talk about Dew Tour, ISA Adaptive World Champs with Kalle Carranza, big waves are attacking us, Mavericks, Pipe Masters, “Your” (not mine) World Champion Gabriel Medina, Jesse Mendes, Vans Triple Crown, Fancy Lad skate video, the return of Kelly Slater, Coco Ho wins Pipe Women’s Invitational, Yuto won SLS Huntington Beach, and Todd reveals what he’s getting for Christmas and Chris talks more about baby Jesus—sorry.

Also, Todd finally got a tube of Active Skin Repair, now let’s hope he hurts himself soon so he can use it!

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